Saturday, December 17, 2005

The girl I like

When it comes to girls, I had been conservative. At school, I sincerely believed that proximiity to girls is a great risk. Touching a girl is a huge breech of personal code. At college, as one can guess, I was atypical to say the least. To say it all in one line, No dance floors. Hence no girls. Period. Not-so-good-looking girls helped the cause a big way, all the way. Not that these things really bothered me too much. Life was smooth all the way till I landed up a job in Hyderabad, made some friends (all male once again!) and visited Hyderabad Central and met this girl. God just look at her.

Beautiful, yet unassuming,
Well dressed, yet simple,
Slim, yet well nourished,
Busy, yet cheerful!

Better than all, a coffee-drinker like me, hee hee!

All of a sudden she make me realize the meanings of the word sweetheart. Too bad, she has to be a wallpaper at Hyderabad Central. Too bad the search has to continue. All I have now is a picture of her that I took. But hey, atleast I know what kind of girl I like now!

Thursday, December 08, 2005