Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fwd: Poetic resignation

Here is a resignation letter your manager will enjoy!

The name is good, the brand is big
But the work I do is that of a pig
The work or the brand, what is my way?
I dont know if I should stay.

To work, they have set their own way
Nobody will care to hear what I say
My will be NULL, they wont change their way
I dont know if I should stay.

The project is in a critical stage
But to do good work, this is the age
This dilemma is killing me day by day
I dont know if I should stay.

The money is good ,the place is great
But the development is at a very small rate
Should I go for the work, or wait for pay
I dont know if I should stay. !

The managers dont know what they talk
The team doesnt know where they walk
That's a bad situation, what say?
I dont know if I should stay.

I can go to any other place
But what if I get the same disgrace
I cant keep switching day by day
I dont know if I should stay.

The -ves are more, the +ves are less
Then why have this unnecessary mess
No more will I walk their way,
Its all done, I won't stay.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Replay of moments

Life seems to cruise along smooth and eventless. Suddenly, I feel something heavy in my head and my mind races! I feel that, this very sequence of moments has already happened in my life. But I couldn't say when. I couldn't say what is going to be next. But when the next moment becomes current, my mind yells out "Yes, this is it! I have gone through this too!". It keeps happening again and again for sometime after which I am no longer so sure about whether I am still in the replay mode. Then those moments fade quietly and here I am, back to the present! I try to go over those moments once again, trying to locate when it has happened. But not once could I do it till date. I feel that it is unfair and live on it for a little while. But before long, I completely forget about it and get on with my life. All that is left now is that there had been moments when I felt that they have already happened in my life. I don't even remember what those moments were! My companions have confessed to have gone through such an experience themselves.

It has been a long time since such a thing has happened to me. It has been long since I have talked about it to anybody. I wonder if anybody still goes through such an experience. I instinctively feel that it would be a rarity. Rarer still would be to find people who actually know why such things happen and identify the situation when the replay was actually "live". Rarer still would be for such people to spot this weblog and respond!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


One of the very few forawarded messages that worked my stomach muscles out. I simply can't keep from posting it!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Religion and Society

Recently, in one of my groups we had a discussion on a Times article.

In short, the article was reporting a research which concludes that

"...belief in and worship of God are not only unnecessary for a healthy society but may actually contribute to social problems."

It went on with comparison of US society (considered to be one of the most religious, at the same time, advanced nation in the world) with other less devout nations (in Europe mainly).

A few excerpts!

  • Gregory Paul, the author of the study and a social scientist, used data from the International Social Survey Programme, Gallup and other research bodies to reach his conclusions.
  • "US was the world's only prosperous democracy where murder rates were still high, and that the least devout nations were the least dysfunctional."
  • “The study shows that England, despite the social ills it has, is actually performing a good deal better than the USA in most indicators, even though it is now a much less religious nation than America.”
  • "The US also suffered from uniquely high adolescent and adult syphilis infection rates, and adolescent abortion rates, the study suggested."
  • Mr Paul said that rates of gonorrhoea in adolescents in the US were up to 300 times higher than in less devout democratic countries
Here is my take!

I think one key point is not discussed in the article (or not considered from the polls' conclusion).

How many of those crimes in the USA and other countries are related to religion?

To me, the conclusions are correct to a certain extent, but based on wrong data. Just because USA couldn't control crime as good as the others, how can we paint a religious picture to it? There are numerous other factors like easier access to guns and licences for guns, drugs and other things. Crimes and social ills (quoted by the article) are due to direct effect of such factors and not because of religion. Also, based on my experience at the US, the country is more religious not because they implement the moral values of the religion in day-to-day life, but more because larger portion of people attend the sunday masses regularly! That is it!

To be fair to them, they are also immune (to a large extent) to the negative side of the religion's effects like evil-superstitions, sticking to customs though they are obsolete or counter-productive (I mean to say that they are more open to new and positive ideas even if those ideas are outside the boundaries of Christianity. One good example may be Yoga!).

Now I feel the conclusions ofresearchearch are correct to a certain extent because, religion has been the reason for a lot (but not all) of crimes all over the world. And if you look close enough, no religion is an exception. I feel, the problem is applying religion in the society-level. (Doing things like some self-proclaimed guardians of Islam issuing fatwa against Sania for not wearing a veil while playing tennis.) and the govts heeding to it (I still don't get the idea behind separate set of laws for Muslims like "Talaak" and a whole bunch of other things). So, if a society has to be devout and at the same time less-criminal (because of religious factors) it has to apply religion at the personal level, and be tolerant to those who opt a non-religious or a less religious path. Otherwise, it is better off being atheistic.

What is your take?