Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colloquy in Media is disconcerting

The fact that the media is including colloquy in its content is disconcerting! I wouldn't bother if it appears in Times of India's Page 3 section (That is assuming that they have any other page at all!) But that is not the case. Why would someone like P.Sainath say "...largest producer of rice for some years" rather than "...a few years"? Why would a newspaper as serious about its purpose as Mint say "China accounts for something like 30-60% of the global demand for most commodities". 
It is a recognized fact that the general quality of English usage has gone down over the last couple of decades. This is only supported by the fact that competitive exams like CAT and GRE use this as an effective tool of elimination. Media plays an important role in ensuring that the general standard doesn't deteriorate if not improve. But I feel that this role is fast being forgotten!