Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy birthday Hari

Its my nephew Srihari's birthday today. He had always been interested in cars and we uncles- my brother and I fueled it thus far with different kinds of cars from hot wheels collection. This time though i wanted to buy him a comic book to shape him into a reader. I found it hard to find that suits his level. Now i have gifted him POGO's book on transportation that includes cars! That should give him some reason to read. Happy birthday Hari!

Friday, March 27, 2009

On train gripe!

It seems the coffee vendors on train are on a mission to wake you up. Once you are up and ready for coffee they say 'its done' and disappear. I wonder if they learnt it from city buses! They pass by the dozens when you want to cross the road. But disappear into thin air if you are at a bus stop.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bowled by Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk!

I recently saw a series of talks in TED conference after a long interval (last time I saw, I was a bachelor in Japan!). An amazing journey that took me through technological superiority, psychological naivete of humans. But while they fed my cerebrum well, one speech deeply impacted my romantic and moral side.

Elizabeth Gilbert shared her insecurity about surviving success - one that she now shares with any other successful people (some of whom died because of it!) in the creative field, after the of her recently published bestseller "Eat Pray Love" in captivating 20 minute speech. Watch out especially when she talks about a 90+ poet she met and her picturesque narration of how the poem "barreled down at her with earth shaking underneath". Evidently Elizabeth is not just an accomplished writer, but probably an even better speaker.

I have placed an order for her book - and this is the first time when I have bought a book I have never heard of, written by someone who I have never heard of - purely based on her talk. She says in her talk that she wonders if her best is already behind her and if she would ever surpass her first success. I personally wonder if her book would surpass the speech that she gave on TED.

Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Alchemy

Middle class apartments in hyderabad are substandard in design. For example, the kitchen platform is so low that a gas cylinder is too tall to get under it. And its not really unheard of in apartments worth the rent Rs 9000 per month. However, we do have something to smile about. Our two balconies open out into a panoramic view. Better still it is likely to remain that way as the adjacent area is the backyard of a government college. So they are not goin to build more than two floors. Tea, biscuit, music and evenings do form quiet an alchemy with balcony!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Its all my wedding!

For shashank - my 2 year old nephew my wedding was the first exposure to the world of weddings. He enjoyed it to the fullest. After his return home, everytime if spots a couple dressed up for an occasion or hears a nathaswaram-thavil music combo. He starts celebrating as it is all 'Badhri chittappa' getting married!