Wednesday, April 22, 2015

IPL in the Stadium : Great, but not a value for money!

I had taken my family to the Stadium to watch the IPL cricket match between RCB and CSK. At Rs. 2750/- per ticket, it was quite an expenditure. But I reasoned that it should be justifiable since it would almost be a once-in-a-lifetime expenditure. I should say the atmosphere was electric. The view of the pitch was great! The match was competitive for the most part and we got to see a few famous players fairly close by. The food was alright. However, I wouldn't say that the experience was worth the money spent. For a for highly prized ticket that has a seat number printed, I would expect that security of your seat would be a minimum guarantee. But it wasn't the case. The cops were old, callous and discourteous, and the crew was working hard in throwing out poor vendors who have entered the gallery to make a few rupees. Instead had they cared about throwing visitors who bought a much cheaper ticket (or who knows no ticket) and sneaked into ours (and I could spot them!) it would have made it worth the money spent.