Thursday, March 01, 2007


Un-growing, I believe, is one of the best ways, not only to kill time during night shifts, but also to lose some of the vagaries of growing up. Television, like it did to most of the others I grew up with, screwed up my life too! But somehow it still forms one of the best part of my sweet memories as I take the time machine back to the days of the Black-and-white Solidare TV. And this cartoon clearly was my first love!


Driver said...

I am not on night shift, but that was my favorite cartoon before Spiderman. I even remember having nightmares/dreams with "Skeletor" chasing and "He-man" saving me.

Priya said...

unnnala dhaan naanum tv paaka aarmbichen.. when i was young, i used to wonder manasukulla " epdi dhaan ivanukku borae adikalayo"..

eveningla bournvita + paatiyoda maida maavu biscuit like stuff saaptinde tv paapomee..nyabagam irukka!!

roomleirundhu " bbbadhrrrrrrrrrrrrrii" and "pppppppprrriyaaaaa" (read the way how we used to call each other).. do u remember the way how we would call each other with so much stress in the words... exchanging homework notebooks, some deserts between barbed fence..
jumping over fence etc..

chance illa daa!!

Priya said...

i mean desserts

Priya said...

enaku reply pannaama adhutha postaa
how dare u :)-

Badhri said...

Hey found that the picture was too good to desist from posting. Its just an alteration in the pipe-line.

Ya, it used to be good times, except for those exams that we had to write. Wonder how much value have they added now!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

I never liked cartoons :P

Badhri said...

Oh! COME ON! You have missed SO MUCH in life! Are you born a grown-up or something?!

Dissappointing! :( :(

Priya said...

ponnarasi.. i concur..
till date i cannot enjoy cartoon.. esp this tom and jerry!!! i know people will laugh at me :)-

Badhri said...

What a cardinal sin! I don't understand why people take pride in their "grown-up" side and get embarrassed to show off the kid in him/her

That kid is the one that keeps him/her happy. The grown-up talks philosophy, does taxes and whines about being under-paid.