Friday, November 16, 2007

A lesson learnt - I

I was standing by the roadside waiting for my roomie to show up so that we can go to work together. The road was getting ready for another day's traffic congestion as the city was just starting to get to work along with me.

At time, there I spotted one man on a dilapidated Kinetic Honda in a plain sky-blue track suit distinctly out of place in that crowd. Just as he passed me his pocket promptly dropped his wallet. Before I could wave to him, he was gone.

Two bikers behind riding right him both typically anxious to get to work, stopped nevertheless and started exploring his wallet. I approached them to ensure that they are looking for an address rather than money (not that there was any in it!). After some futile attempts, they finally spotted a bunch of Business cards that carried "Satish Gupta: Global Needs". They matched it with a confidential pin-number intimation letter addressed to the same name, that was also in his wallet.

I started punched his number and informed that he has almost lost his all. As he was riding back I was basked in self-congratulatory mood telling myself "See, that is such a nice guy I am :)".

Within minutes the blue martian with a graying mustache was standing in front of me. "Thank you sir, I was told by another rider that I dropped my wallet. I was on my way, but didn't hope to find it". ...... Then his voice went mute as something stuck me. I started investigating my wallet even as the blue martian's face posted a question mark that constantly grew up in size.

After sometime I looked up and said. "Its good that you had your business card. I don't have one in my wallet." I fortunately had an untidy one in my bag which I wouldn't give to anybody. As I inserted it in to a groove in my wallet, I told him "A lesson learnt"


Priya said...

very true..
also, i have my phone no writen on a paper and taped on my passport cover!!

Badhri said...

Wow, thats a good idea too! Where were my brains so far? :)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

I never knew u r back again! :)
I always have my entire family's cards in my wallet.. and it did help me once when i had 2 prove it was my wallet on a theft attempt!