Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last mile of my complete self

It is said that man is made of 80% water ( and 20% matter ). But that is not where it really ends. What makes a man complete? Atma, morality... well it gets too spiritual if I walk down that road! Attitude, perspiration... Crap now I sound more like my manager. So, I look all over and around me and find that there is one thing that covers the "last mile" of my complete self! Brands of 10 things that I currently can't live without!

Toothbrush: Colgate
Shaving kit: Gilette
Soap: Medimix
Deo: Axe (Pulse)
Best Garment: Nike
Watch: Titan, Casio
Shoes: Sketchers
Bag: Samsonite
Mobile: Samsung C200
Subscriber: Vodafone

Aishwarya Mishra
Kavya Roy


Driver said...
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Driver said...

Toothbrush: Anything that wouldnt make my gums bleed

Shaving kit: Anything that wouldnt leave stubs behind

Soap: Anything that wouldnt leave me scratching myself

Deo: Anything that doesnt make me repulsive to others and more importantly to myself

Best Garment: Anything that doesnt show too much of me

Watch: Anything that doesnt tell me why I am late for something

Shoes: Anything that doesnt make it difficult to go through airport screening

Bag: Anything that doesnt hold more than what I and only I need to carry

Mobile: Anything that doesnt drop my calls when I am talking to the loved ones

Subscriber: Anything that doesnt want too much money for too little service

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...