Friday, May 16, 2008

Toriniku Roku-Ju-Go

If you are an Indian, and if you are especially a southie, you would have definitely heard of Chicken-65. If you are a non-vegetarian, you are a likely fan of Chicken-65.

Chicken? Yea! You know... then one that usually comes out of a hen's egg? The bird with under-developed wings that is part of the famous chicken-or-egg riddle? Ya! That one. Chicken. Now that you've got the first part, what the hell does "65" mean?

What wiki says is interesting. It says that the most logical conclusion is that it originated in North America, named after its price in cents, failed and managed to travel all the way to South India where it became a super-hit. This explanation would be logical if we are talking about Chick-Khans like Mumait Khan or Negar Khan. But here its chickens. Unfortunately!

That it was invented in 1965 seems more convincing. But its bland, unlike the spicy dish itself (I will take my Non-veg friends' words and C-65's looks for truth!). But I vote for the age of the chicken in days (65) as the reason for its name! Its unconventional and the mid violent after taste the explanation leaves behind looks more suitable to the possible taste dish itself might offer!

What the hell does Toriniku Roku-Ju-Go have to do with any of all this? Its just Japanese for Chicken-65.

Toriniku = Chicken
Roku = 6
Ju = 10
Roku-Ju = 60
Go = 5
Roku-Ju-Go = 65!

Haa Haa! All you non-vegetarian Rascala! Mind it!


Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

neeye coin panniniyaaa11

Badhri said...

Illa kannamma! Toriniku IS japanese for chicken's meat. Niku is meat. Tori is chicken. roku-ju-go IS 65. Only there is no such Japanese dish called Toriniku-roku-ju-go. So, don't go around asking your Japanese friends about the same! :)

Aish said...

I am sure you are the one who wrote the Wiki entry for Chicken 65. Jimmy Wales is soon gonna catch hold of you.