Monday, July 07, 2008


Life is a rat race. From the time our minds matured enough to distinguish between our mom from others we have been running. Some times behind a bus, sometimes a teacher or sometimes the manager. But we have been running to ensure that we are not left behind.

Interspersed in this never-ending struggle to stay afloat are momentary respites during which we walk back to the "good old days" when life was easy. But hey, haven't we been running all our life? Where did these "good old days" infiltrate from into our past?

Delving into my past I find that such nostalgic memories don't really constitute days that start with a morning filter coffee and end with a "sweet dreams" kiss on the forehead. Instead they are transient moments of memorable joy or just another respite in which we stopped running and life didn't speed backwards! Be whatever it may, they replenish our tired mind with enough energy to get up and start running again. Yet, as we keep running we always manage to let these magical moments zip past us from the uncertain future directly into the nostalgic past.

May be we should use the next break to evolve a strategy to catch the past as it happens. It may so happen that we are just running behind "good old days" instead of a bus. But hey, is the situation any better now?

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