Thursday, April 07, 2011

For a departed friend

It has been exactly a month now since this happened for the first time in my life. A former colleague and a beloved friend of mine who had been a bundle of energy and enthusiasm in almost everything she did was silenced forever by meningitis.

I was told, she had prolonged fever and hence applied for some time off work. Following persistent fever, she had seizure that never ceased and after fighting the disease for the whole of February and for a week in March, finally lost the battle.

I never traveled to Hyderabad to visit her. I didn't do so because, I honestly thought (until one week before her death) that it was a matter of time before she recovered. But she didn't. I didn't attend her funeral because, I had to admit it... I wasn't brave enough. But I don't regret it either. I remember her smiling face and explosive laugh rather than silenced body.

But I do regret one thing, days before she was hospitalized (and when she was still well), she came up on chat and complained that I never called. I had to run then, so I promised her to call and left my number. I wish I had called her. But I didn't and now I can't.

Apart from being a good friend, she is one of the very few people who took active interest in my efforts in the social sector and was the only person who taught English to the kids whom I taught Physics. I suppose one thing I can do in her memory is to restart this effort. I will.

I have come to realize a few things, albeit the hard way from her departure. I had listed this to a friend earlier which I think is worth sharing here too.

  • Life is a gift and we are all very very lucky to have one especially because it can be snatched away brutally in a matter of minutes.
  • A healthy life is even more a precious gift. We better live it more responsibly (as per ones' own definition)
  • And Friends. I am sure all of us have friends who are as sweet as her they can't be taken for granted (she wasn't a granted for us). And they are priceless gifts. We meet them by pure stroke of luck and they end up playing such a positive, sometimes decisive role in our lives. We better treat them well. Keep in touch. Before it turns out to be too late.
  • It isn't just friends. Anyone (relatives, neighbours) whose departure may affect us as bad as her departure.


Rhythm said...

Sharmi left an everlasting mark in everyone's life

Maya said...

She will be remembered forever... sometimes, I jus feel that she is still in Hyderabad...its just that I dont get to talk/chat with her...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Badri for the kind words. She used to tell me about you. I used to help at times for her classes. I still remember how she used to prepare to teach those kids. Used to stay up and carefully chalk out things for them to learn.

Thank you and do please let me know if I be of any help. It would only be my honor.