Friday, March 02, 2012

Special dedication to Sharmi

First week of March 2011 was a week with a unique feeling of insecurity, that I would never like to experience again. This week last year, Sharmila was unconscious, fighting the bacterial meningitis to which she succumbed on March 6th. I promised to myself that I will continue the good work I did in the social sector, in which she took an active interest during her days of well-being. After about a year marked by struggle with work, family-related developments and not to forget the plain laziness that is ingrained in me, I finally organized a short, but sweet science demo in which I took a friend's help in demonstrating the working of a simple DC motor to a bunch of school kids supported by the company I work for. I write this post to officially dedicate this to my departed friend, albeit with a sense of embarrassment for not having done this earlier. A special thanks to the dude who took to the stage and help me bridge the language barrier, and not to forget Arvind Gupta who had shared the know-how in

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