Friday, May 01, 2015

To Barkha on her "Women In the World Summit" comment

Barkha. In general, I find a lot of the interviews you conduct difficult to handle because many a time you express what you feel about the issue under discussion before you ask a question. In general, India's mainstream media is not standing up for the average Indian and doesn't ask the questions she wants to ask.

HOWEVER, on this one, I must say I am on your side. While Indian men AND women don't treat their women well, I don't see any reason why India has to be singled out. While the brutality against women akin to Nibhaya happens all over the world daily, the sustained protest that this incident has evoked in India is unique and this is a clear positive. But the rest of the media and the larger public have chosen to ignore it when the Leslee and you tried to highlight this. I choose to see the positive that the protest is. Amidst all the chaos and negative reaction your opinion has unintentionally caused, I see your positive point! On this one, I am with you!

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