Friday, April 22, 2005

"Enna Satham intha neram... Ennai thalaatta varuvaala..."

"Enna satham intha neram..." - Punnagai mannan
"Tere mere beech mein.." - Ek duje Ke liye

Find anything common? Think about it, I find a few! Kamal Hassan, all-time hit love songs. One other common, but possibly, less apparent thing is that both the songs are set in a similar situations. They scan the last happy moments of a couple before they attempt to commit suicide because of so-called "love failure". Both the movies got what they wanted (atleast from me)- sympathy for the couple and hatred towards their parents (who invariably were to be blamed!). I am sure one can come up with more movies that talked about "love failure". After all, its a formula that sold well. I have also come across news, roumors and even saw a case of suicide first-hand. All due to "love failure". Now that I have started hearing about real-life incidents, I wanted to answer one question. "What were they trying to prove?" The answers I could think of, and what I want to tell to them.

Dead couple: See, if they had let us get married, they need not have gone through so much agony.

Me: You are sadists. Sure they are stupid not to respect you for your age. But no parent enjoys agonizing you. But you (or whatever remains after you are dead) enjoy agonizing your parents. I hope your parents adopt a kid who actually loves them.

Dead couple: They tried to get me married to another guy/girl. I can't even imagine living with somebody else, while I am in love with him/her

Me: Tell the guy/girl that you are in love with someone else.

Dead couple: I am too afraid to confront my or his/her parents. We couldn't find any other way

Me: You haven't used your brains. Had you used it, you would have thought about it when it occurred to you that you are in love. By the way, you just think you are afraid. Don't you realise? You are brave enough to kill not only yourselves, but your boy(girl)friend.

I don't hear news/rumors/facts about "love failure" suicides any longer. But I have come across cases first hand, in which people who are in love told themselves "You know what? Its not working out. Why don't we just move on? Best friends during middle schools forget in a few years simply because they don't meet anymore. Time is the ultimate healer"

I realized suddenly that the old movie formula doesn't sell anymore.

"Ennai thaalaatta varuvaalaa...." - Kaadalukku mariyathai


Anonymous said...

i seriously have this could the dead couple have a dialogue with u...
i know that was a very bad one...

good thought... but have u ever empathised...

ladki ke maamle mein to, bade bade genius log bhi paagal ho jaate hain...

Anonymous said...

super da...
as anonymous says, even genius people, when they fall in love stop thinking (act mad) .

I think they get too emotional...
After they come out of that phase, they can realize how they were..

Innovative way of conveying the message ...gr8

Badhri said...

Whoever the first anonymous guy/Girl!? is, bless your heart for reading through my blog.

Of course, I never had the chance to talk to the dead (I don't like the prospec anyway). II was just putting myself in their shoes and came up with my own reasons.

Lekin mujhe yeh samaj mein nahin aatha hai ki paagal log ke saath woh ladki bhi kyon khudkushi karegi? Ladki log tho hoshyaar hote hai, haina?

vaidehi said...

Hi Badhri, great to read your thoughts ! Well...if you are still guessing who i am...Its me Vaidehi ( alias Prasanna) !! Yup ! Priya did recommend me to visit your blog !!

Good, keep it up !!

Badhri said...

Wow Prasanna (you are closer to me by that name, so lets go with it!) Its nice that you took time to visit my web log and hope you find my musings tolerable! Nice to have you here and do fill the log in with your thoughts (for and against)