Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Scaffold: China 1

Scaffold: A platform to provide support.

Thats what the news links will be used for in this blog when I am lazing around without coming up with new, exciting discussions OverTea! Here are some .

An opinion editorial on why India is better-off rivaling, rather than, befriending China (in business terms) Time

An article throwing a lot of light in the improving cross-relationship between China, USA and India. Asia Times Online

Disclaimer: All the news links from this or any post in this blog is simply obtained by using Google search. I don't get paid for posting any link. I don't mean to force anybody to read any article over the other. I don't mean to breach any copyright rules. If I do breach any that you know, before going to the lawyer, let me know in clear terms what I am breaching and what I should change (Not that I have millions to give away) .

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