Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Narcissism for once!

How often have we found medical advices like "Do a general health check-up once a year", "Do a dental check-up regularly" and chuckled "Yea, right!"? Now that I am in Japan and usually get done with work on time, I could use the evening time for a work-out at the gym. On sign-up, the first thing I got was a full evaluation report of my body status that would act as a guide when I work-out. The report was a comprehensive and intuitive, part graphical and part tabular colour printout. When I saw the report, surprise surprise! Everything about my body condition was spot-on! I have never felt so narcissistic, but I guess that is one reason to get narcissistic for once! Besides it is a good opportunity to know

The report focuses different aspects of body's fitness parameters like metabolism, Style composition and Body composition. Lets take it one at a post!

Waist-girth: (Actual/Recommended) 75/85 is a measurement in cm of the waist half-way between the hip bone and lower chest bone.

Visceral Fat: As against subcutaneous fat, which is fat accumulation under the skin, visceral fat is that found in organs which affects the metabolism, especially in males. Measured as the cross-sectional area occupied by the fat in the waist. 65 sq.cm/100 sq.cm. Graphical representation provides better understanding of the status, since it includes the relationship of visceral fat to waist girth. Status: Appropriate!

How about fat in other parts? Well, the man showing off his arms summarizes it. No comparisons, no frame of reference to compare.

Rest later!

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