Monday, April 14, 2014

Credits to BESCOM

 My family had a tiring day a couple of nights ago because of work and minor ailments and accumulated sleep deprivation over the previous week. The sleep that night was a much needed one. But a couple of hours into the night we we woke up to a power outage and found that our backup supply has drained. With heat and mosquitoes, the next half-an-hour or so was difficult to get by. Unable to  take it any longer, I called the land-line number given in the BESCOM (responsible for power supply in Bangalore) website, without expecting a response. But to my surprise, a lady responded within the first ring and clarified that the incoming power supply line to one of the grids of Bangalore was damaged and that the repair works were in progress. She added that it is expected to be resolved by 2:00 AM. The power was restored at 2:30 AM. That someone actually answered my call was surprising enough for me to take the half-an-hour delay without qualms. Credits to BESCOM!

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