Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What can your servant maid tell?

Have you ever heard from your servant maid (current and earlier) that her husband who is a daily wager or an auto rickshaw driver squanders their earnings on boozing? Has she tell you that she had to pay Rs. 700/- or so to get her unsafe LPG illegally from a local shop? Has she ever told you that she is worried about her teenage daughter and thinking of getting her married off because she her drunkard husband talks nonsense at home? Does she bargain for higher increase in her wage every year because it barely meets her daily expenses? When we talk about "Aam Admi", does it dawn on you that we wrongly see ourselves, and that she fits the description better? Why aren't the politicians talking any more about how they plan to get rid of  the bottle and his friends from her home? Don't politicians have a servant maid at home? Or do they choose not to listen to her just like you and I?

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Srini said...

Unfortunately , people without money or influence are invisible in our society.That's why they don't even appear in political party's agenda.