Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Spam comment filters

Its not even ten minutes, since I became active and I already know what the blog needs in the future. Spam comment filters! Look at the first comment on my previous blog today. Its about some food allergy and why am I so damn sure that it was auto generated. Is there anybody in any corner of the world working on the spam comment filters?


TJ said...

Just enable 'word verification' for the comments, and get the spams blocked.

Kavitha said...


well talking about spam filters, i did set them but i lost the joy of coming to the blog and viewing comments since i was approving them through mail. so i finally switched back to the old settings and bingo! no spam yet....
yes there was a texas ranger who was interested in my blog but he seemed very genuine and his link to me to a fairly ok site, not porn at least.

so i suppose i am fine for a while.