Thursday, September 22, 2005

Window 2005

My workplace is situated at the 4th floor (of 5 floors above ground level) in a fairly large complex at the center of the city of Hyderabad. One of the good things about working on a higher floor, I thought on my first day, would be the view of the city. Being an IT related company, my centre is completely air-conditioned, windows are tinted and screened. That doesn't leave much for you to view.

Ok, what about outside the office. The hallway, the stairs...does that have anything to offer? Like any shopping mall (which essentially is what the ground floor is!), all the shops and other businesses are built along the main wall, with the entrances and hence the hallways from inside the mall. So, all windows are inside one business or the other, again, carefully tinted and closed for air-conditioning!

There is a window by the stairs at each floor, but then there is always somebody standing there, pondering over a smoke, or worse, sitting right under it and talking to his/her (girl/boy)friend. So, that doesn't do any good about the view either. It almost looks like the whole mall probably convened a secret meeting before my joining date and said "Ok, guys! This is it! He is coming tomorrow. Now, I want all the windows in this building hunted down, tinted and screened! You've got one day to complete this mission! MOVE!". I almost lost all hopes of a good ariel view.

After nearly half a day's work, I wanted to ease myself (you know, the one which you spend longer time of the *two*). I walked towards my goal thinking hard over my work. I opened the door and was blinded by brightness. For a moment, I thought somebody will say "Hello! Neo!". Where did so much light come from? A Window! Positioned high enough to protect privacy and low enough to provide a good view without much effort while doing you-know-what! Perfect! With a fly-over, airport nearby there is enough to keep you from being bored. Flights taking-off and landing. Large hoardings by the fly-over and the numerous motorists on the. Being in the 4th floor, air keeps gushing in like the devotees at Tirumala. This is place offers such a big relief for a stressed mind (apart from its actual purpose, of course). I must admit, I have visited the place even when I didn't have to, just to enjoy the vista and fresh air. I wonder if I am the only one here, who feels that way.


Priya said...

paadhi dhaan purinjudhu.. visualize panna mudiyala.

kavitha said...

Hi Badhri,

thanks for visiting my blog. I think anybody would sit/ stand back and watch planes landing and taking off no matter where they are!

do visit my blog more often!


Badhri said...

Thanks in return. What you say is true. Sure will keep visiting you blog. Its informative and more purposeful (than mine atleast ;)