Wednesday, October 01, 2008

From Madness towards Method

Be it your office pantry, or a weekend gathering of friends, when you run out of topics to gossip, all you have to do is drop in a word "traffic" and everyone one will suddenly find a story to say and gripe about the anomaly. A few socially active ones among us will take it a little forward by trying to propose a CSR initiative to regulate traffic in an area near the location of their work. But I personally believe that traffic regulation will be ineffective if the initiative doesn't involve the traffic police. I would be even better, if traffic police initiates and leads the initiative...which is why I was pleasantly surprised this morning as I was walking by the Police lines circle, as I watched the traffic police hard at work.

Standing by the sidewalk with my phone-camera, I could see that the police working with maddened determination to three things right the first time and then repeat it throughout the day, hoping to "train" the beast to comply with the order.

  1. At the whistle, stop behind the stop line. Motorists wishing to take a right, stop to the right side of the road.
  2. Allow the pedestrians to use the zebra crossing to cross the road
  3. At the next whistle, allow the traffic flowing straight to go, while holding the traffic flowing right (or take a U-turn).
  4. At the next whistle (when the traffic on the other side of the road is stopped), allow the held traffic to take a right or U-turn.
Repeat it!

Standing there and looking at the constant whistling and frantic gestures of the traffic police, I could realize that this job is so much easier said than done! The police might have chosen today, a holiday due to observance of Id-ul-fitr, to exercise this pilot but the traffic was still huge. Nevertheless, they seemed to have handled the traffic quite well.

But man! it was quite a sight to see vehicles neatly lined up against the stop-line to allow the pedestrians pass without fear of being run over! Finally, one small step towards method in what is the very essence of madness. Hope this pilot doesn't die at infancy, but grows and lives long enough to get into the subconscious mind of the average motorist to prompt him/her to follow the traffic rules.

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Anand said...

Discipline starts at home. The same applies to the road as well. And I believe discipline can be contagious too. The traffic cops are there to catch those who disobey and not to correct the entire public to follow rules. Because the latter is almost impossible to do.