Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Interview with Hugh Herr

BBC has a wide range of mesmerizing and inspiring and unique podcasts. While their documentary series sweeps you away as much by its depth as by its variety, their Interview allows you a sumptuous bite into the life of some of the most inspiring, a few controversial (yet inspiring) figures. But the most likable aspect of the Interview is that most of the time such personalities are not really famous around the world. However, they are always into something that is of importance to the larger sections of society or have always done something from which others find a scope to learn from! It helps you understand that you don't have to look for role-models who are famous

Here is one such interview. In BBC's own words..

"Owen Bennett-Jones meets Hugh Herr who lost both his legs below the knee in a mountaineering accident and set out to design his own artifical legs."


Courtesy BBC


Anonymous said...

I just LOVED this interview, and was looking to see if I could find it again to listen to. As you say, this guy is not famous, but what he has done is awe inspiring. From a personal tragedy where he lost both legs, many people would hit the bottle or worse, and feel sorry for themselves. This guy went to college and became a revolutionary scientist in prosthetic liimbs. He says that climbing mountains with his special feet makes it easier than having "normal" clodhopping feet in big boots. He can use points to cling to tiny ledges...
Sadly I cannot hear the podcast on your post?
Not sure why?
Chantal Coady London
BBC Addict

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the link doesn't work – and the interview isn't to be found anywhere else on the net. if anybody knows where to find it, please let me know:

Anonymous said...

unfortunately the link doesn't work – and it's nowhere else to be found on the net. if anybody knows where to find it, please let me know – thanks!