Saturday, October 04, 2008

SE-Session 7: Fund raising is not begging

I was not able to attend the session as I was out in Chennai enjoying a break...having herbal food at a Malayali health restaurant. So, I requested a classmate of mine (incidentally a keralite himself!) to capture a few points out of the session. So, I credit this work to him.

"Fund-raising is not begging...Enjoy fund-raising"
This was the punch line of Michael norton's sesion on fundraising and sustainability. Below are the important aspects of his session apart from the ppt and document provided:
  • Money is not in fact never the most important thing.
  • Getting too much money is a bigger problem than having no money.
  • Streams of income for a sustainable model
  • Concentrate on getting money from independent source.
  • Vision and mission statement are useless!!! Have a vision of better world and be missionaries!
  • Build relationships
  • NEVER do fund-raising through email
  • NEVER send mail to unknown people
  • Rely on telephone/personal meetings
  • Parties are effective,invite friends & friends' friends
  • Story of Beacon & eggs: involved like the hen and committed like the pig
  • Without local support successful org cant survive.involve local people.
  • Story of New York beggars.
  • Fund-raising is a relief from boredom;helps people to do what they want to do
  • : people helping people
  • Convert NO into YES!!!
  • Explained some initiatives like dinner@home, hunger banquet
  • Individuals & communities as constant source of income.
  • Be a donor;he urged SEOP batch to maintain a fund.
Later he went on to explain how to write a proposal and also about budgets. Check out

Michael Norton is the Honorary Director and a Trustee of CIVA (
He founded the Directory of Social Change in 1975 and was its Director until 1995. DSC is the UK's leading agency providing information, training and support to voluntary organisations. ( He co-founded UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs, which received the £100 million Millennium Legacy as an endowment. UnLtd makes awards of up o £20,000 to individuals in the UK who wish to create change in their communities. He chaired the International Year of Volunteers 2001 youth programme for England. He received an OBE in 1998 for services to the voluntary sector.He is the author of numerous books on fund-raising and charitable status including 'Writing Better Fund-raising Applications' , 'The WorldWide Fundraiser's Handbook' , and 'The Complete Fund-raising Handbook' , all published by Directory of Social Change.

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